A Nigerian Born now based in South Africa Prophet Annointed Andrew CFM populary known as Seer 1 says he is equal to the task to fight all PF prophets including Sangoma’s in Africa because they can’t defeat him.

Prophet Seer 1 says the Patriotic Front Government has been Daring him for too long.

He says God’s will and plan can not be changed by Patriotic Front wether they like it or not.

Speaking to Zambian Watch on its “Facebook Live Stream” Program, Seer 1 says he is equal to the task to fight all PF prophets including Sangoma’s in Africa.

“Let PF gather all its Prophet’s and Sangoma’s in Africa, i can deal with them. I’m equal to the task. My name is Seer 1” he bragged.

Prophet Seer 1 says he is aware of accusations labelled againist him that he recieved money from Hichilema to prophecy in his favour.

He says such accusations can never change any Destiny for Hichilema because he was already a winner in spirit.

And Prophet Seer 1 has rubbished the claims that he is being paid saying he is the “Moving money” hinself.

” Paying me for what? Doing my job? Look i can show you my Bank Account if i want to be boastful, i have plenty of money. I’m the moving money so i don’t see why someone can give me money. I make my own money” he said.

“Look we are telling the People of Zambia that this Government does not care about its people, they are quick to accuse us of being paid, look at them busy stealing resources and quick to call for prayers. Tell me what has changed after Prayer and whatever they call it themselves?” he asked.

“Has corruption, Greedyness, Murder, abuse of Role of Law, theft stopped after Prayer? What are they praying for? This is not for me but for you and those people at home. Zambia need to be a better county than South Africa now” he said.

And Prophet Seer 1 says UPND Leader must arrest all Stealing Politicians in order for him to lay down a good foundation for future generations.

“People in Zambia don’t fear corruption, they can steal all how they want and change camps when another Government comes in. Now God has picked Hichilema to sort out this mess. If Hichilema brings all these selfish and corrupt Politicians into his Government, he will surely fall and won’t finish him term” he said.

“But if he arrests them and put them were they are supposed to be, he will lay a solid ground for a better Zambia for Future Generation. Zambia will develop under Hakainde Hichilema” he said.



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