Before I talk about GBM, let me inform you that, this morning I will be part of the National Dialogue Forum (NDF) and I will be contesting for the position of Spokesperson because I want to make sure that, the right information is communicated to people.

Many times, Zambians are misled and I don’t want that to happen to NDF. So delegates who are part of the TCMs, please vote for me. I just want to serve you, better than what Dora has been doing.

Anyway, some people have been asking me to write down what I said last night, so I have done this write-up basically repeating what I said.

In analyzing GBM’s political stint, we may have to ask ourselves some questions, in order for us to come to some conclusions.

Was GBM ever a UPND member?

My response to that is that, GBM was never UPND, but he was just a frustrated political refugee who went to UPND to fix PF.

GBM was already frustrated even before Sata died out of the fights he had with Wynter Kabimba, which to me was the more reason he resigned because Sata seemed to have had sided with Wynter.

The Chief Chitimukulu issue was just an escape-goat like the disciplinary issues of the Northern province UPND members is to his move to PF.

However, his frustrations become worse to find that a “NOBODY”, in the name of Edgar Lungu was the one Sata left powerful with and consequently taking over from the late President. GBM’s megalomaniac ego, could not stomach that, so he opted to go to UPND and fight Edgar Lungu.

If you go back to the statements he was making back then you would agree with me, that the man was frustrated and bitter.

On the part of HH and UPND, they were also desperate to get just about anybody to win power. In my humble way, I even discouraged HH from appointing GBM as Veep but go for Maureen Mwanawasa, but I was called names.

To me, GBM did not go to UPND because he loved UPND or HH but he was just a frustrated PF members like many others, among them Miles Sampa, Guy Scott, etc. They did not go to UPND to serve the nation, rather they thought HH was going to rule and they did not want to miss the goodies they used to enjoy whilst in PF. Also they want to shame Edgar Lungu, but he beat them as he is still beating them now.

In my view, it was by God’s grace that, HH did not win the 2015 and 2016 General elections because if he had won, he was going to have it rough with vultures that surrounded him. HH was surrounded by political aliens in 2015 and 2016, who knew nothing about UPND.

Unfortunately, HH did not win elections and almost all those frustrated PF and MMD members (Nevers Mumba, Felix Mutati among others) have left him. The honey which they anticipated, has not come forth, poverty has entered and they have dispersed.

Coming to the conflicts which arose in UPND resulting in GBM being suspended, to me, it was like a typical marriage of convenience. A marriage of convenience will only survive as long that it’s purpose is still being served, otherwise it is broken.

However, when the two are divorcing, they will sight all sorts of problem which really may not be an issue, had their marriage been based on love.

Listening to GBM presser, I never heard any significant reason which would make a senior member of a party, at that level (Veep), resign and go back to the party he despised and called “Pate Yafipuba”.

In my view, though we have not heard from HH, but we can tell that HH was behind the youths that gave the National Management Committee 24hrs to discipline GBM, the two (HH and GBM) got tired of each other and they wanted remote reasons to divorce their political marriage of convenience.

It was difficult to keep the two together, they had to separate.

But how do we look at the political paths of the two?

GBM doing back to PF is nothing but desperation for survival, trying to find life again, politically and business.

GBM can boast all he wants, but some of us, know that, the man has serious challenges such that it would be difficult to convince someone that he is slimming out of his work-outs.

It is a fact that GBM has been very generous and he spent quite a fortune in UPND. Some people had actually said GBM spent more than HH on cadres. However, his bank accounts were not being replenished because he had no govt contracts which pays in millions of dollars like the ones he had with ZESCO and FRA.

I am very sure, GBM has negotiated lucrative business opportunities for him to get back on his feet financially, and help in 2021.

Politically, GBM has brought relief to the PF because he can be a menace, even at his weak points financially. Therefore it is a fact that, he will bring some political capital to PF.

On the part of UPND, they should not pretend that, GBM would not affect them negatively politically. In my view HH should have done everything to keep GBM at least up to 2021. Though he was never UPND, GBM has left a big gap and it requires a change of strategy and tact, if he has to compete effectively in 2021.

How I wish those of you sponsoring these big political parties would give EEP just 20% of the huge sums that you give them, I would give these guys a guy with their political hypocrisy and mediocrity. Anyway, God’s time is the best.

I fail to be all go around, the grounds, because it requires money. Our compounds are like hospitals or poverty prisons, so as a politician, you can’t just go about meeting people without giving them anything. If I am supported financially, I would make a huge difference.





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