Statement sent to Koswe below…
MANSA – As UPND in Luapula province, we wish to apologise to the nation for allowing our party leadership appoint Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba to the position of Vice President and running mate in the 2016 Presidential elections, a position that he least qualified for; intellectually, morally and politically. Intellectually, morally and politically GBM has proved to be deficient in all of these qualities.

On account of misjudgement, we over rated Dr Mwamba’s leadership qualities and sense of judgement and for that, we repeatedly regret and unreservedly apologise to the nation. When Mr Mwamba started his tantrums and dark corner meetings with the PF, the party leadership sent several groups of eminent citizens to calm him down and bring him back to his senses.

These included some honourable chiefs and Members of Parliament but he defied all their advice.

Today he wants to play the victim and be a champion of his own mistakes. We want to re-kindle his short memory with regards to the events leading to his defection.

Mr Mwamba started making parallel structures within the UPND. Mr Mwamba made unwarranted insults to the top UPND leadership.

Against the party constitution, he started taking disciplinary actions against senior party members using his surrogates. He started making some underground manoeuvres with our opponents aimed at undermining our party.

With love, we followed his skirmishes and intrigues at every turn hoping that he will repent but to no avail. Instead of responding to charges the party levelled against him, he defected to the PF before clearing himself.

In wanting to attract sympathy and prove himself relevant to the PF which has rejected him, he is falsely accusing President Hakainde Hichilema of firing him from the party.

He has gone on ranting and claiming that he is on a crusade of destroying UPND but he has forgotten that he brought no one to the UPND such that it occasioned no surprise that he left alone.

His new friends – the PF are aware of this fact.

Remember that it is clear to the minds of the Zambians that he failed to deliver not even a single ward in his so -called stronghold of Kasama.

Most shockingly, he lamentably failed to win the party the Kasama Central seat on which he imposed his daughter. So we wonder, in his limited judgement, which UPND is he dismantling?

When he left PF to join UPND, he declared to the country that he would destroy PF.

Mr GBM should show us the destruction he caused to PF he called tukabolala that benefitted us to the extent that we should regret his departure?

He called President Edgar Lungu and the PF all sorts of names. In his limited judgement, is he sure those ‘ba Kabolala’ he has gone back to will trust him?

In his endless dirty tribal utterances, he declared that for as long as he lives no Tonga or Lozi will ever be president of Zambia.

We want to say this to him, he does not own Zambia. Zambians, more so the Bembas will prove him wrong.

They will show him that we are a one Zambia, one Nation and one people.

He has now made a declaration that anyone found in Kasama putting on a UPND regalia will be beaten while in the same breath he announced that he will go to Southern province to de-campaign HH.

We say to him that as he goes down South, he should put on a PF regalia, as he will be safe and more than welcome.

No one will harm or insult him unless he plants his own rogues so that he blows his false trumpet.

Now that he is closer to the PF, we would like him to remind his new found party that they need a fresh mandate from the people of Zambia so the country can reorganise itself.

Mr Mwamba has turned into an opportunist for he has lost both the love of the people and political direction. He no longer minds what happens to the greater majority of the people of Zambia and the future of their children.

The PF he joined has lost the national objective which its founder President Sata had. The PF he has joined has no spirit, has no democratic principles as evidenced through the statement by Eastern Province PF candidate for chairmanship Elias Daka.

Mr Mwamba’s decision has nothing to do with the lack of jobs for the Zambian youth, the withdrawal of meal allowances to public university students, the ever increasing corruption in the PF government he helped expose and the late payment of salaries to civil servants plus the ever increasing price of essential commodities like mealie meal.

His return to the PF is understood by many as a financial decision. For us, once in office, the UPND government will prioritise job creation and address the educational challenges GBM’s party PF has caused the people of Zambia.

The UPND government will fight corruption with the vigour never seen before to root out the scourge that has hampered economic development.

The people of Zambia are waiting for the UPND government to reduce the price of essential commodities and ensure salaries of public service workers are paid on time.

Signed by:
Roy Mwansa
Luapula Province Chairman


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