WE appeal to all Zambians never to tolerate the PF leadership attempts to divide the nation on tribal lines, says Winnerson Ng’uni.

He says it is sad that Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba can be so childish in his talk.

Last Friday, Mwamba said he will make sure that the northern circuit of Zambia becomes a no-go area for the opposition UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema.

He made the remarks while pleading with President Edgar Lungu to accept him wholeheartedly and pardon or forgive him for all the insults and the invectives he had made towards him after leaving the PF.

In an interview, Ng’uni who is Southern Province UPND secretary said he was an easterner who has never faced any tribalism.

“I get so shocked to hear what comes out of President Edgar Lungu and the likes of GBM. This is so sad for Zambia at this age and time,” he said. “I am from Eastern but I have never talked of tribal issues against anyone. I don’t even try to joke on tribal lines because I fear to be misunderstood. We, in the UPND, appeal to all Zambians to resist the PF leadership’s attempts to divide the country on tribal lines. We are all one and we live with more than one tribe in our own families because our sons and daughters don’t choose on tribal lines when getting married. If my daughter falls in love with a Bemba then I am part of that tribe. If I get to have a Tonga grandchild, then I am Tonga.”

Ng’uni challenged anyone in the PF leadership including President Lungu to tell the nation that all of the their relatives were married only to one tribe.

“Let GBM tell me that all his relatives are Bemba and no one in his family is married to another tribe apart from Bemba. Once he does this maybe, only maybe, I will give him a benefit of doubt,” he said.

“It is sad that a man who was treated so well by Hakainde Hichilema in time of need can now try and divide us. GBM was incarcerated in Lusaka, he received visitation from our party leadership and also from chief Mukuni and others. It is sad that the man can be so childish in his talk.”

Ng’uni appealed to Zambians especially the youths to register as voters before the 2021 general elections and vote against anybody who speaks on tribal lines instead of discussing issues that greatly affect the masses such as unemployment, education, corruption and poverty.

“We have high levels of unemployment, poverty and corruption and yet the Head of State goes tribal in his public talk instead of giving hope to the unemployed and those in abject poverty,” said Ng’uni. “Our leadership once in office will seek to unite all Zambians across tribal lines. We shall restore the One Zambia, One Nation motto that has been thrown into a garbage bin by the PF. The presidency of HH will ensure that only issue-based talk takes centre stage in his governance.”