Zambian Watch is reliably informed that Former United Party for National Development Vice President Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba, Democratic Party Leader Harry Kalaba, NDC President Chishimba Kambwili and Lusaka Lawyer who is challenging President Edgar Lungu Kelvin Bwalya Fube have agreed to form an Alliance in 2021’s General Election.

According to the Meeting which was held on Wednesday night at Kalaba’s residence in Avondale attended by all individuals, the four agreed to work together to form a strong Oppossition Alliance and challenge the Patriotic Front in the 2021 General Elections.

Some of the resolutions agreed are that, if the four join hands together, they can be the strongest Opposition Political Party in Zambia ahead of 2021 General Elections.

Also GBM has agreed to return his former Position of Defence Minister which is the third most impotant position in Zambia.

Kelvin Bwalya Fube has also agreed to Get the Position of Minister of Justice with some good favours direct from state house if they are successful.

According to sources who attended the meeting last night, the issue is on Kabwili and Kalaba to agree who will lead the Alliance because all the two want to be the head.

“A meeting took place yesternight at Harry Kalaba’s house in Avondale. GBM, KBF, Kambwili and Kalaba attended. Among other issues discussed was to come together and work together to remove the PF in 2021. This decision was arrived at after Kambwili’s party was diregistered” a source said.

“They all believe that if they work together, they can be a strong Oppossition Political Party in Zambia. They said only if they unite, they can be the Largest Oppossition which can remove PF in Office. What is more interesting is that GBM says he is okay being given his former Position of Defence Minister as KBF has also agreed to be justice Minister with direct links to state house after causing confusion at the PF Convention this year. The only issue they have to agree on is who will lead between Kalaba and Kambwili. They all want to be heads so that is were it is as at now. But i’m certain they will reach an agreement as one Must accept to be Vice President while other President” a source said.

And a source says to weaken the Patriotic Front during the Convention, GBM, Kalaba and Kabwili will fund KBF to challenge Edgar Lungu and in an Event that he does not go through which is mostly likely, the team will announce their Alliance.

“The old PF is regrouping and this must worry Edgar Lungu and his MMD Friends. GBM is back with full force. He is going to fund KBF with the Backing of Kambwili and Kalaba. This is just an attempt to weaken the PF because they know they cant win. KBF will challenge Lungu at the convention and once he loses, an Alliance will be announced immediately” a source said.

SOURCE:Zambian Watch



  1. This can’t be true and can never happen. GBM has just come out of UPND, insulting it and calling it all sorts of dirty names including the President HH. Can he forget where he left his vomit and go back to it? Unless he has no morals. The whole alliance issue is a shear waste of time. Time is not with us, 2021 is just around the corner.

  2. Very good move, serves well against dictatorship and plunder! But, it is only a good move when it is orchestrated by Northerners! If this good development of working together to avoid splitting of votes and amalgamation of lone efforts were to come from North-Western, Western, or southern regions, it would be viewed as negative tribalism!


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