14th August 2019

Desperate people do wrong things that embarrass them in the end, especially if they want to please their masters. Which Law bars HH from going to Muchinga, Luapuala and Northern Provinces? We, the Bembas in the UPND have deliberately ignored commenting on what GBM says because we are aware that ULELILA TABA MUCEBA KUKANWA.

We know the man is very bitter to be hounded out of UPND where he was much respected as Vice President. Now to find himself just a mere PF cadre, we understand and sympathize with the humiliation he is going through. But he must blame himself for what happened to him. MALIBU YA KUILOMBELA.

But when he said HH must not set his foot in the three Provinces, he went too far with his tribal politics. If he thinks he is a superior Bemba which of course he is not he should not take his tribal politics to the other tribes in the three provinces. To start with, he must be schooled that Kasama itself is a cosmopolitan town where all the 72 tribes live happily. Going beyond Kasama you find other tribes that are not interested in this tribal nonsense. Worse still is when you go to Muchinga and Luapula Provinces.

In fact Mr. Lungu should distant himself from what GBM said in Kasama, the man is destroying PF while Mr. Lungu is smiling at him. Who says people of Muchinga, Northern and Luapula Provinces are personal property of GBM or indeed PF? Is this what desperation can do to people?

GBM, a few days before he rejoined PF. he called them TUKABOLALA and then earlier on Mr Lungu called Bembas thieves. Now GBM says after going back to PF he has regained his weight, what does he mean? Is GBM telling us that he has found what he was missing in UPND with TUKABOLALA? Is he telling Bembas that they can’t distinguish between sense from nonsense? His usual fashion of saying wrong things first and later regret must come to an end. Talking is different from vomiting. Wisdom is for people who chose what to say in public.

What PF and GBM must realize is that very soon they will be embarrassed as HH will campaign freely in the three Provinces and form the next Government. Therefore GBM must not drag Bembas into public ridicule and odium for his selfish interest. His utterances are a disgrace and insult to the Bemba speaking people who embrace One Zambia One Nation and would not like to see this Country go up in flames because of careless talk from a desperate individual. Zambia is bigger than any individual.

Percy Chanda

UPND – Chairman for Mines and Freedom Fighter


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