The President HH,his wife, Mutinta,my wife Chama and I, have travelled to Livingstone for the Lwiindi ceremony of the Toka Leya people of Kazungula as guests to His royal highness Chief Mukuni and his Royal establishment.

On our way we accompanied the President to pay our respects to the people of Chief Ufwenuka chiefdom on the passing on of the Chief who was put to rest on Tuesday.

My wife and I were welcomed with the greatest of honour and we truly appreciate the gesture. I assured the people that as a Vice president to my brother and the party I will stand to support him entirely and was aware of mechanisations of the PF to bring anarchy in our party due to his popularity with the Zambian people aided by some disloyal members.

My wife and I are also touched by the wonderful gesture by the President and his dear wife where they both gave my wife, Chama a heifer each when we visited their farm in Choma for dinner as we were proceeding to Livingstone.

I have worked with a number of leaders but I will assure you that the relationship I have forged with HH and his family is beyond politics as we are friends indeed.

Furthermore, appreciation too, to His royal highness Chief Mukuni for according my father Chief Mukonge the honour of being the guest of honour at this year’s Lwiindi ceremony.

I pledge my loyalty to HH and the UPND and thankful to work with an astute and intelligent person.


  1. Presumably Transport Accommodation & Food was part of offer to accompany Hashinde Humwine. So basically You and your Mrs have become His Freeloaders following Blindly.
    Yakunyolani Njala. Signs of Poverty! Desparadoes

  2. Ba Zinyo de man u insulting GBM cn keep u yo entire family including yo extended family members 4 free 4 yo entire lifes.u Stupid Evil n Jealous people r expecting 2 hear GBM n other leaders speak bad things abt HH n UPND party,yo plans is 2 divide n rule u sons n daughters of SATAN DEVIL yo time is coming 2 an end n dat time is coming very fast.JEHOVAH GOD bless Zambia n protect its innocent children who r bn divided,beaten,killed evry day by these PF savages


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