We have just returned from Southern province where the President, his wife, Mutinta, my wife Chama had gone to attend the Lwiindi ceremony for Bena Mukuni.

On our way back my wife and I passed through late Request Mutanga’s farm in Kalomo to visit his widow and other family members,as well as, pay our respects at his grave site.

We are ever so thankful for her hospitality and she prepared lunch for over 30 people that accompanied me, that included our Provincial Chairman Southern province, the council chairman for Kalomo, the youth chairman southern and others in my team from Lusaka. We really enjoyed the Chibwantu too.

In Request we lost a galant legislator and a true democrat and loyal member of the party.

I personally built a very brilliant relationship with him and his family and he was a brother with whom I shared many wonderful tomes with across the country.

He was also the person that took me around Southern province soon after I was appointed vice-president Administration.

I had known Request as a firebrand and tough debater even when we were both opposition members and when I was a government minister and we always had a cordial relationship.

Today I encouraged madam Muntanga that my family and the party shall always be there for them and that we really miss our comrade whose shoes have been very difficult to fill.

We will always remember Request and may his soul continue to rest in eternal peace in God’s glory.

Your spirit will see us there.



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