….Nabatweba ifyakulanda, ba UPND bali muchibe and twalachipwisha ichi chipani, pantu Veep alingile ukuba UPND President, ilelo tuleya pa radio futi…

By Koswe in Kasama.
UPND Vice president Dr Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba has just sent his cronies to Radio Mano in Kasama to go and further scandalise his party.

Sources among the UPND Vice president Dr Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba’s fronts in Kasama have revealed that they have been given K10, 000 to be featuring on Radio Mano daily and destabilise the UPND.

“Ba Veep balituma phone mailo ubushiku abati, we should go to Radio Mano and say that President HH has suspended him using ba Patrick Mucheleka and Bernard Mpundu and in the next few minutes we will be issuing a statement on Radio, ” said our source.

Recently Koswe reported that the UPND Vice President Dr Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba has been bought by the corrupt PF at a cost of 50 million dollars to destabilise UPND.

And GBM’s confidants have said that he has been holding meeting with PF fronts adding that he will ensure UPND is destroyed.

GBM begun is said to have begun by calling for the removal of all UPND provincial leaders in order for him to place his own and defect with them to PF or form his own political party as commanded by PF.

Yesterday, he phoned Radio Mano issuing unpalatable and calling UPND as a party with leaders without a vision.

GBM also stated that UPND has been losing elections because of having inept leaders in preference to the UPND President Hakainde Hichilema.

Those in Kasama can tune to Radio Mano and listen to GBM’s fronts as they embark on massive destruction of the UPND as ordered by PF following the 50 million dollars payment done.


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