Simeja Kadaala Kadezu writes:


TRADITIONAL LEADERS are not politicians but when you look at their relief when GBM had joined the UPND, not necessarily to win the Presidency but to build a better, often illusive and an uneasy truce between Zambia’s largest ethnic grouping (the Bemba and the Bantu Botatwe).

Today, I wish to look at the the many faces of the implications GBM’s careless and irresponsible behaviour which led to his suspension, and whose ground for exculpation were not even provided.
Gross misconduct!

GBM’s call for HH’s blood (he has vowed he, GBM, will ensure HH never in his life wins the race to State House. This is coming from a person HH would handover power to. How has HH and the traditional leadership received GBM’s treacherous conduct?
Surely GBM’s conscience leaves much to be desired.

We can’t call him, GBM, names because, plainly speaking, he has no credentials to talk about.
All we can do is to sympathise with him instead.

The motive: I, just like many Zambians, am rattled and baffled by GBM’s naivety, at his age and the portfolio he has held.

Can he be leader? Unless leadership has a compromised definition, GBM, in all fairness and with due respect, he is not worthy anything.

I don’t want to sound rude and disrespectful to GBM except I can say, the man has proved, bad people never change.

Igutwe ilizwide maanzi…


  1. Comment:He is the same GBM you celebrated a few year ago and has not changed in anyway. What has chnged are the reasons he was celebrated and allowed by the UPND leadership to join the party and entrust him with the second highest position in the party. It was visionless and stupid decision. Who didn’t know who and what GBM is. This blunder by the UPND leadership is going to cost them a lot. Let the royal highnesses stay away from this self inflicted damage by the leadership UPND to their own party. Is this the kind of leadership we can trust to lead the nation?

  2. Its only in Zambia you find people like GBM with a big head and brains of a child to be given a privilege in power and politics.


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