“If you dont stop accusing Presdent Lungu of being corrupt, I wll physcally deal with you”, GBM warns HH

Former UPND Vice President GBM has warned that he will be forced to take it upon himself to deal physcally with HH if he continues accusing President Lungu of being corrupt. Speaking in Lusaka yesterday, GBM said HH must stop waffling but provide evidence of corruption against President Edgar Lungu to the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) if any because the nation is tired of his baseless allegations.
Mr Mwamba said it was retrogressive for people to continue accusing the Head of State of corruption without providing evidence.

He told the Daily Nation in an interview yesterday, the UPND president and others who were peddling lies about corruption should provide evidence to investigative wings.

President Lungu has categorically indicated that he was ready to be investigated, so those accusing him of corruption should provide evidence, otherwise I will be forced to personally manhandle Hakainde Hichilema if he doesn’t stop accusing my President of being corrupt”, he said.

Mr Mwamba was reacting to claims by Mr Hichilema that President Lungu was against the Financial Intelligence Centre (FIC) report because he was at the epicentre of corruption.


  1. And why not CK who you seem to be in the same weight range? HH is not a Kaponya type. We need him to correct the current economic mess.HH is destined to rule from 2021, mwamuchinga pafula..


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