GEOFFREY Bwalya Mwamba says he will will work with President Lungu and PF to ensure that UPND President Hakainde Hichilema does not become president in 2021.

Announcing his decision to rejoin the Patriotic Front, Mwamba alias GBM apologized to President Lungu for the insults he showered on him when he was in the opposition UPND.

GBM revealed Hichilema to be a very self centered man who runs the party on solo decisions.

He said from onset despite his political and financial contributions to the party Hichilema has never regarded him.

GBM said Hichilema is the alpha and omega of UPND that occupies the position of Vice President as well as Secretary General.

He cried that the issue of side-lining in UPND was real noting that he was not exaggerating.

GBM who was suspended from UPND with a loop to exculpate himself said he has opted to resign from the UPND and become an ordinary member of the ruling Patriotic Front.

He however, boasted that his resignation would carry with him his supporters as they are the one’s who had spurred his decision to rejoin PF.

GBM complained that he had been hounded out of UPND and accused HH of using people an act many have tamed as selfish.

With that statement GBM has vowed to embark on a country-wide tour to persuade more UPND members to rejoin the Patriotic Front.


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