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MUSICIAN General Ozzy was battling with poverty after splitting up with his “rich” wife, Ethel Chumbwe, daughter to Chongwe Council Chairperson Geoffrey Chumbwe.

Initially, Chumbwe bought Ozzy to marry his daughter Ethel and gave him a Car, Mansion and Club to run in Chongwe.

However, without known to Ozzy, his wife Ethel Chumbwe was having an affair with another man who ended up impregnating her and a child was born. Ozzy was thinking it was his child until he finally discovered after the child was 8 years. By then, even he Ozzy had multiple children elsewhere with other women.

But Geoffrey Chumbwe knew that his daughter had a child with another man, before Ozzy yet he kept quiet.

After everything was known, Ozzy decided to resign from his marriage but consequences followed. All he was bought with was grabbed from him. The artist resorted to running an Internet Café in Chelstone.

He tried to release new songs here and there but they never pay him as much to sustain himself. Sometimes, his brother Roberto is the one who would help him out.

Eventually, Ozzy was again found by another rich woman Tendai who married him in October 2017 at a secret wedding event. – The Kwacha Times



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