By: Irvin Muyumbwa

The Zambia Police Service has urged politicians to desist from commenting on the gassing of households incidents in parts of the country and give the police space to do their work on the matter.

Police Spokesperson Esther Mwaata Katongo says politicians regardless of which political party they belong should desist from issuing statements on the matter as this may only incite an up-rise.

Mrs. Katongo says politicians should desist from issuing statements which are out of speculation and get their hands off the matter to allow the police do their work.

She has also cautioned those inciting members of the public on social media that the police will get to them soon so they serve as axamples.

Mrs. Katongo says emphasized that politicians should leave the mandate to the police only as it continues with investigations which should not be politicized.

Meanwhile, Zambia Police Deputy Spokesperson Rae Hamoonga has called on residents not to resort to the jungle law of meting out instant mob justice on suspects of the gassing incidents.

Mr. Hamoonga says people should instead partner with the police to ensure the criminals are brought to book.

The two were speaking when they featured on Millennium Radio yesterday.


  1. The problem with pf leadership is that they always have their own suspect/s well before investigations are commenced and concluded thereby prejudicing the investigations;because those conducting the investigations feel compelled to report according to the expectations of pf top leadership. It is for this reason that the zambian people have never been informed about the outcome of some investigations into certain very serious and sensitive cases,such as the gutting of city market because the actual findings were going to incriminate and make the same people look stupid.


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