Prof Frank Tailoka


The newly appointed Examinations Council of Zambia – ECZ Board Chairperson Prof Frank Tailoka has expressed confidence that he and other new board members will put in place measures to end examination leakages which have for a long time been an obstacle in the country’s education system.

Prof Tailoka said that the new board will put up measure to track down the sources of leakages and that any individual found wanting will face the law.

He has since asked Zambians to give him just a period of one year to see what the new board is capable of delivering, saying the current happenings at ECZ are not of the new leadership but that they will collaborate with other stakeholders to ensure there is efficiency in the examination system.

“There was a time we did not have leakages in Zambia, so we will find out where these things came from and will immediately have to find those in fore front of these activities,”.

He also noted the need for the introduction of A-levels in secondary schools to lessen on time student spend in universities and colleges, and that the new board will consider the need to change the structure of how examinations are prepared and set, saying it is another way which contributes to the formation of leakages.

Prof Tailoka further stated that his board is aware of some other fraudulent activities happening in the education sector such as forgery of statements of results, adding that the board working with the management will look at introducing other security features on statement of results as a measure to curb such illicit behaviors.



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