By David Zulu.

After being clobbered by his own constituency youth wing calling itself VIP Special Slap Squad (VISSS), Justice Minister Given Lubinda has once more been been humiliated, this time around by his own Party, the PF.

Some resolutions presented by his surrogates under the guise of representing the will of the people of Zambia have been thrown back right into his face.

Given Lubinda spearheaded the formation of an illegal body the NDF against the people’s wishes who preferred a neutral arbitration in the three Church Mother Bodies. Illegal because it attempted to override the Supreme law of the land the constitution of Zambia, by enacting a new law that made it illegal to have the freedom of choice to association and assembly.

Participation in the NDF was by coercion failure to which attendees were threatened with jail terms.

The PF has after massive pressure from the opposition and civil society organizations, embarrassingly and reluctantly, withdrawn certain contentious clauses from the NDF.

Among Given Lubinda’s rejected clauses is the formation of the offices of Deputy Ministers and the coalition government.

These are the two clauses the PF had wanted sneaked into the constitution against the people’s will.

That these clauses have been withdrawn is a clear testimony that the NDF was a sham and everything else that goes along with it.

The PF must not be allowed to be the referee, the player and the spectator all rolled into one. If one NDF sponsored clause is rotten, the whole process is rotten and must be thrown to the pigs to be trampled upon.

The PF must allow decency to prevail in their ranks by engaging in a discussion with a universally acceptable independent arbitrators, the Church. The PF will not fool Zambians in believing that these clauses have been withdrawn because they are a listening government. Given Lubinda has been sacrificed because the people rejected the whole process.

As a matter of fact, PF knows that privately, the majority of their legislative representatives in parliament will not support the process and they are now testing the waters.

All parliamentarians must throw out the NDF shame. The people want an independent adjudicator. It is the Church!



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