By Lubinda Namukolo

PF provincial chairman MCC Bright Kufuka has disclosed to BBN that no members have defected from pf party more especially in mulambwa Ward of mongu constituency. Mr. KUFUKA has since advised the UPND party and its members to stop holding fake defections.

“We don’t have any one by those names in mulambwa Ward and those people are bonafide Upnd members and our party structure are still intact”, said Kufuka.

And Provincial mobilization chairman Glen kalimbwe has urged Honorable Mwilola to stop holding fake defections in Mongu because there is no one willing to join PF. “As the party in the region, every day we are going so strong and we don’t know those people who defected to the upnd. My last advice is that let Mr Mwilola conclude and leave his tenure in a good way”.

Yesterday, Mongu Central constituency member of parliament Hon mwilola held a press briefing where some people defected to the UPNR party from PF and it was alleged that PF mulambwa Ward vice chairman Richard Sepiso and women league chairlady Nalishebo simenda had defected to the UPND party. The ceremony was held at hon mwilola’ s house.




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