By Diggers Editor
We have been approached by all kinds of people offering us all kinds of things to kill the Honeybee story. We have received all kinds of calls from people who issued us all kinds of threats, demanding that we stop exposing the wrong dealing involving this company. The agents of Honeybee have on so many occasions engaged us in conversations, asking for a “cease fire” without ever denying any of the facts that we have been publishing.

Therefore, being threatened to be sued by Honeybee is not something that we are going to lose sleep over. We wear their threats as a badge of honour and look forward to facing them in court. There are many questions we have been dying to ask the claimed owners of Honeybee and we have not had an opportunity to. The court is going to be a very good arena for us to demonstrate how rotten this whole transaction was.

What Honeybee and others who plan to sue News Diggers need to know is that we actually publish a very small fraction of what we gather in the course of our investigations. For high profile investigations such as this one, we have to do a lot of work gathering facts, verifying them and cross referencing with other sources, before we can publish. By the time we are publishing, we would have done our homework and satisfied ourselves that we have evidence. There is no way we can just wake up and single out Honeybee then start a smear campaign against them. For what? Who are they? News Diggers does not have a single corporate enemy and we are not looking for one




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