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The visions and messages to Zambia are unfolding and ongoing in stages! On August 9,2016 during my revival meetings in Pakistan God showed me the 5 stages of the August 11 election of Zambia. Stages 1-3 has come to pass.. ALL GLORY TO JESUS! .. Victory for incumbent, rejection of the elections results.. Violence afterwards.. Petition against the results. Zambia is at stage 4.. In the SPIRIT REALM stage 4 is over!

The elections petition WILL BE THROWN OUT FOR LACK OF MERIT! Now see stages 5 & 6 : The elections petition results.. It’s dismissal for lack of merit and insufficient evidence WILL AGAIN BE REJECTED BY OPPOSITION LEADERSHIP! Mark the words OPPOSITION LEADERSHIP! Opposition itself will want Zambia to go forward.. respecting the outcome but it’s leadership will not. I saw calls by it for nationwide protest, refusal, upheavals..boycott of the next administration by international community etc..

They will refuse to accept the victory of the incumbent.. Choosing not to recognize the incumbent and his government when GOD HAS ALREADY APPROVED! Zambians need to pray more for the events after the outcome of the elections petition… DESPITE ALL..

The incumbent Edgar lungu will b sworn in officially as president of Zambia.. The inauguration will hold.. It is close by.. THE INAGUARATION CEREMONY WILL BE MASSIVE.. IT WILL SHAKE ZAMBIA.. Green green green l saw.. It is irreversible!

I saw cabinet appointment shocker from the president.. Many jostling for positions will be disappointed as he is set to appoint ONLY THOSE out for the advancement of all Zambians.. The next 5 years for Zambia will be a pleasant surprise for the nation. ZAMBIA FOR JESUS! Share to all Zambians on Facebook and whatsap.. Whatsap prophet :+2348034546147.. God is saying yes.. No one can say no! GLORY TO GOD.. Follow all my prophecies on my Facebook page.. Prophet Isaac Amata prophecies..



  1. The bible says it all in the end alot of people will come in my name and pretend to be me, all of a sudden prophets ve popped out of everywhere claiming to have powers of healing even stopping hiv patients from taking their drugs leading to people dying needlessly to claiming to ve visions from god people ought to be careful

  2. this guy thinks God knows him alone! you will see and your downfall is coming. Don’t mix dirty politics with God.
    you will meet God soon


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