Zambian Gospel artist Kings Mumbi Malembe Malembe has said God will pubish Southerners who have refused to vote for Edgar Lungu despite massive developmental Projects being implementend in the area.

Kings Malembe says Southerners have proved that they naturally hate President Edgar Lungu and his Adninistration without any reason.

He says President Edgar Lungu has tried to take development in Southern Province were people did not even vote for him but people in the area have rejected his developmental Projects.

Mr. Malembe says Angels will whip Southerners for Naturally hating on President Edgar Lungu.

“I saw Angels sent from above in my dream saying that God is annoyed with the people of Southern Province for refusing to acknowledge the works of his Excellency Dr. Edgar Chagwa Lungu” he stated on Instagram.

“The angels clearly told me that Southern Province will experience poor rainfall patterns this year and that there will be severe famine and droughts in their cursed land”.

” Southerners must submit themselves to the Patriotic Front Government and support our God given president Dr. Edgar Chagwa Lungu if they want God to heal their land” he warned.

SOURCE: Zambian Watch



  1. PF should stop this tribal nonsense. This womanizing musician is talking nonsense. Who are are Southerners when Zambia is for all. Even him is free to settle there. Why abuse the name of God because of Edgar who is not even born again. Including this musician he is not born again. He is just using his talent.

  2. Get lost Malembe with your fake “angles” and you prophet of doom and division. Continue praise-singing for your belly! Besides get your facts straight in your thick cranium(skull), voting for anybody is democratic human right and Please know that Southerners also pay various forms of tax and they deserve fair share of development.
    This is really now upsetting, youuuuh!

  3. When a dog is barking, you know that the master has thrown a bone. This Congolese dog must go back barking to Congo.

  4. Ba Malembe, muli chi sushi sana. Akulyenifye, are you God, to predict that there will be insala ku Southern province, if you sing Gospel, it doesn’t mean you are holy. We have heard a lot about your promiscuity . Just eat with your Lungu. Please leave the people of southern province. It is his job as a president to feed the national regardless , who voted for him.

  5. you ran away from kabila, we will demand that you are taken back to congo where there are always tribal wars. be reminded zambia doesnt promote tribalism. in southern province there are more tribes coming from all other regions. so be careful.


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