Two days ago you were very okay, even joking with your husband and children that you would one day join politics and become a Religious Minister. But today (15th May 2018-Tuesday) around 14:hours you just complained of severe body pains and headache. But around 17:30 hours the same day, you took your last breath and left us without saying bye beloved sister and friend.

But why , why my sister, I still can’t believe the tragedy that has fallen our family. Now tell me sister who would be singing for us that touching gospel song you used to sing every-time we met as family members. Tears of grief are rolling down our faces as we look at your beautiful picture. Come back and sing for us my sister, you used to encourage us to put God first in everything we do, but now you are no more!. We are really in pain because of losing you sisy.

You have left a big gap beloved sister which will never be filled by any person in our lives, but God alone.

Rest In Peace Mrs Sipalo (Mrs Difikoti), we will miss you greatly.

Helen Tembo; Disturbed Family Member.


  1. its indeed sad my condolences to sipalo family. only God can handle such grief but all in all we r praying for you our brother. MHSRIEP!


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