THE Ndola clergyman who was allegedly found half- naked in his vehicle with a woman in front of the Ndola Teaching Hospital mortuary will not be allowed to preach until he is cleared of the allegations. Minister of National Guidance and Religious Affairs Godfridah Sumaili says clergymen accused of ungodly practices should not be allowed to stand on the pulpit until they are cleared of such allegations.

Reverend Sumaili said in an interview yesterday that pastors accused of breaking God’s commandments should not preach to the people. “We can’t allow such people to stand before people and speak the word of God until investigations are concluded.

“As a ministry, we are not sitting idly by. We are on top of things, but we can’t be announcing every action we take to the media,” rev Sumaili said. She said the ministry is investigating the matter involving pastor James Mwale, aka Yakobo Yakobo. Rev Sumaili said appropriate action will be taken depending on what will be established by the ministry after investigations are concluded.

“This is why we insist that men of God should stick to the Bible. When they engage in rituals, they are not serving God but Satan,” she said. The minister said pastors should endeavour to lead by example because they are community leaders who most people look up to. She said reports of clergymen engaging in inappropriate activities are denting the image of genuine pastors who serve God from the bottom of their hearts.

When contacted, pastor Mwale promised to give a comment on the matter later in the day. And Copperbelt Commissioner of Police Charity Katanga said the clergyman has not been charged with public nuisance because there is no evidence.

“It is difficult to charge him because there is no evidence to show that he was involved in any sexual intercourse in the vehicle,” Mrs Katanga said. This matter comes in the wake of other matters against clergypersons. In February, InterDenomination Jesus Ministry overseer John Simfukwe was sentenced to five years imprisonment with hard labour for allegedly stealing over K200,000 from a widow he promised to buy a house for. A Kitwe pastor was equally arrested in March for allegedly attempting to launder US$100 fake notes amounting to US$202,000 through a foreign currency account at one of the banks in Mufulira





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