Minister of National Guidance and Religious Affairs Reverend Godfriedah Sumaili says she will next week lead a team of pastors to exorcise a ‘ghost’ that has reportedly been ‘terrorizing’ hospital staff and patients at Gwembe District hospital in Southern Province.

Sumaili said she will lead a team of pastors from Lusaka and in conjunction with ‘men of God’ in Gwembe district will conduct prayers at the health institution.

She insisted that the job of cleansing should not be left to traditional healers as that was also an ‘evil’ practice.

A photo (seen here) taken by a male nurse at the institution purports to have captured the female ‘ghost’ which locals claim to resemble the late Phyllis Mweemba, a 23-year-old woman who died 4 years ago after giving birth at the same hospital, and purportedly appears in the same clothes she was buried in according to terrified relatives


  1. I was of the view that Ghosts have the right to exist also as long as they do not harm people. Why is Government declaring war on this Ghost. I s it because it is Ghost of a Tonga woman. What tribe are the Pastors the Minister is taking to the area.


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