Chief Mweemba of Sinazongwe

Chief Mweemba of Sinazongwe district in Southern Province has complained that government has neglected him after his house was touched leaving him homeless in 2017.

The traditional leader has told Byta FM News in a walk-in interview that the criminals who burnt his palace while he was sleeping over a year ago have not been prosecuted despite being known individuals.

Chief Mweemba complains that he is leaving in constant fear as government has abandoned him after the ordeal that left two people from his palace dead.

And the traditional leader has cried out to President Edgar Lungu and other well wishers to help reconstruct his palace including buying property that he lost to a fire in 2017.

He has also accused Maamba Police Station of fearing the criminals that are terrorizing his chiefdom saying suspects were arrested and released in the matter without further prosecution.

Meanwhile, Southern Commissioner of Police, Diamond Likashi could not provide the status of investigations in the matter, but advised Chief Mweemba to submit a written complaint to his office for perusal.

Byta FM



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