Copperbelt Energy Corporation


Government has announced that it will approve Copperbelt Energy Corporation’s application to start importing electricity from South Africa

Minister of Energy Mathews Nkhuwa says this is in view of the 273 megawatts energy deficit that the country is facing following a continued drop of water levels at Lake Kariba.

Energy Minister Mathews Nkhuwa says the Zambezi River Authority implemented a reduction in the water location at Lake Kariba from 19 billion cubic meters of water to 17 billion cubic metres of water.

He says the reduction has led to down scaling of the average power generation at Kariba from 500 megawatts to 390 megawatts of power which has since seen a slant in ZESCO’s production capacity
The Minister has since advised citizens to be energy efficient and utilize alternative sources of energy during the energy crisis the country is facing.

Meanwhile, Jesuit centre for theological reflection social and economic development manager Innocent Ndashe says the Zambian economy will cripple much more if Government does not act quickly in putting in place stern measures to expand Zambia’s


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