Minister of Health Dr. Chitalu Chilufya has said that Government would engage stakeholders to help take care of the welfare of Bupe and Mapulo who were born as co-joined twins and separated at the University Teaching Hospital (UTH) in what a lot of people described as Zambia’s landing on the moon in the field of medicine.

Speaking when he visited the twins, who are in the care of of Health personnel at Kawambwa distinct hospital, together with Luapula Province Minister, Nickson Chilangwa, Dr Chilufya said that the PF government took welfare of children very seriously and that Mapalo and Bupe where no exception.

The Health Minister promised that, with help of stakeholders that they would engage, the Children’s welfare would be taken care of.

Dr Chilufya further said that that government would not be reckless with the welfare of the twins whose landmark separation had been conducted by Zambian Doctors and had put the nations health sector on the map, adding that Zambian laws had the welfare of Children adequately covered in them.

The beautiful 1 year 7 months old babies have been allegedly abandoned by their parents and are in the care of Health personnel at Kawambwa distinct hospital. Dr Chilufya took time to visit the the children who were first brought to the hospital severely malnourished and with a bout of Malaria.

Luapula Province Minister, Nickson Chilangwa thanked the Health Minister for his visit to the twins, to check on them and further thanked the medical team at Kawambwa district hospital for doing a tremendous job of ensuring that the children are looked after properly.

Last month, Government reaffirmed its commitment to supporting the former conjoined twins Bupe and Mapalo, following reports of alleged negligence by the twins’ parents leading to the infants becoming malnourished.

Luapula province minister Nixon Chilangwa said that government through his office was still committed to supporting and ensuring that the welfare of the twins is attended to, amicably.

Expressing his disappointment at the time with the ailing twins’ parents absence when he visited them at the hospital, Mr. Chilangwa said time had come for government to take full responsibility of the infants.

He said that the former co-joined twins had become a national asset as government invested a lot of resources in the landmark and historic surgical separation of the former conjoined twins at the University Teaching Hospital this year , hence the need to take custody of the children.

Kawambwa District Medical Director Arthur Mataka revealed that apart from malaria the twins had, they were also suffering from malnutrition adding that the hospital was working on improving their nutrition levels.

Dr. Mataka also expressed concern at the long distance between the hospital and the twins’ home as it had become increasingly difficult for medical staff to regularly check on the twins.


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