By Smart Eagles Reporter

It was an emotional scene, as magnitudes of people gathered in Shibuyunji district to send off five girls of the same family ,who died locked up in a grass thatched house that was set ablaze by unknown people.

As they waited for the remains of the children whose lives had been shut at a tender age to be laid in a Mass grave , police picked up a suspect and drove off, a move which brought a sigh of relief among mourners that alas , “they could smell the aroma of justice as police intensified investigations on the matter .

However , The family and other mourners who included Senior government officials such as the minister in the office of the vice President, Hon. Silvia Chalikosa , Minister of Gender Hon. Elizabeth Phiri, the DMMU National Coordinator Mr. Chanda Kabwe , Central province permanent secretary Mr. Bernard Chomba and the traditional leadership led by SENIOR chief Shakumbila of the Sala and Ila people of central province could not hide their grief as what transpired was too much to contain .

Minister in the Office of the vice President Hon. Silvia Chalikosa indicated that His Excellency President Edgar Lungu, the Vice president together with all Zambians mourned the loss of the departed children .

She reiterated that Zambia being a Christian nation it was prudent that Zambians started embracing love towards one another .

” We have so much to lose if we continue to harbor hatred especially hatred that harms others .” Ms. Chalikosa said.

She expressed sadness that the departed were young children from one family and they had just began their journey of life .

She shared the view that the burden was too much for the family to contain, and further urged government and other well wishers to strengthen the family.

Meanwhile Gender minister Hon. Elizabeth Phiri who could not hold back her tears stated that she was devastated to see future leaders lie in coffins right before her .

” It is really painful to see the girls going back to the lord in such a manner .” Ms. Phiri said .

Earlier the minister encouraged the bereaved family to leave the mater to God .

And Senior Chief Shakumbila directed all his headmen to assist police with investigations.

He described the Acts by those who gutted the house as barbaric .

The Central province PS , Mr. Bernard Chomba reaffirmed hon. Chalikosa’s remarks on love and peace building .

Meanwhile the people of Shibuyunji District through their civic and church representatives urged Present Senior government officials to send their gratitude to the head of state for taking care of all funeral expenses


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