The presidential directive to isolate health institutions from the current load management cannot be implemented at once because most of them are not on dedicated lines, Minister of Energy Mathew Nkhuwa has disclosed.

Delivering a ministerial statement, Nkhuwa stated that so far, 61 health institutions have been put on dedicated lines to be exempted from load shedding and are currently consuming over 101 Megawatts.

He said about 133 secondary and tertiary health institutions have been captured under the first phase in which 43 have been found to have generators while the remaining are still vulnerable to load management.

Nkhuwa stated that the presidential directive is receiving the necessary attention but being implemented in phases.

“The nature of the distribution system is such that it places operation limitations on exempting some health institutions from load management, this is due to the fact that some of these health institutions are not on dedicated lines and are supplied on common networks which have other customers targeted for load management. This exercise cannot be done immediately for all health institutions because of the nature of the grid system,” he stated.

Nkhuwa has since suggested that plans be put in place to allow for the procurement of generators for health institutions that are still vulnerable while the Presidential directive continues to be implemented in phases.



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