Chibamba Kanyama

By Logic Lukwanda

Economist Chibamba Kanyama has charged that government has no sufficient funds to imports electricity from South Africa at a cost of US$21 million per month for six months.

Mr. Kanyama has told Phoenix Business News that government has realized that doing so would deplete the national reserves and compromise the import cover further, which is just above one month.

And Mr. Kanyama says there is seemingly disagreements within government over the decision to import power hence delays to commence the process.

He however said importation of electricity is required to rebuild the economy.

Zesco Limited was scheduled to start power importations from Eskom of South Africa on October 1st 2019 but postponed it saying some proposals that have been made to the Energy Regulation Board –ERB- will need to be finalized before imports can commence.



  1. I saw a clip of how some Congolese ministers were being chased from Europe having gone there to solicit for funds, I hope the same treatment is given to our useless representatives especially those that have amassed unexplained wealth, we know you are busy arming yourself to come and intimidate law enforcement officer when the time to account comes, but guess what, you shall all be disarmed before we start the process of twerking with your round ones.


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