By Top Secret.
Government has paid Karibu Pharmaceuticals an illegal drug company for supplying cabinet ministers special vehicles.

Cabinet approved the payment last week and as at yesterday, Ministry of Finance paid half of the 62 million dollars to Karibu Pharmaceuticals.

The V8 vehicles bought for cabinet ministers are however said to have been over priced and sources wonder Minister of Health Dr Chitalu Chilufya single sourced a drug dealer named Karibu Pharmaceuticals to supply the vehicles.

It is however believed that Chilufya has a cut from the same.

Recently, Chitalu Chilufya and his wife connived with the owner of Karibu Pharmaceuticals and a Dr Mudenda to again supply government drugs that were not budgeted for and allowed entry into Zambia by the poison board.

The luxurious cars will at the end of each cabinet minister’s tenure become personal to holder.

Karibu Pharmaceuticals owner however engaged Toyota Zambia as a subcontractor to supply the same vehicles.

For now, Cabinet ministers drawing free fuel and drive as much as they wish while enjoying their every weekend K10, 000 allowances.

Karibu Pharmaceuticals den of thief named Patel Dharmesh and another known as Lalu in his thieving circles are the ones funding Dr Chitalu Chilufya take over from President Edgar Lungu under the “Luapula United”.

The funds being used to pay for these cabinet ministers luxurious cars are being drawn from the over taxed Zambians and President Edgar Lungu keeps allowing for more taxes contrary to the PF policy on taxes.


  1. Fili uko tuya.
    A pharmaceutical company supplying governments vehicles when Toyota Zambia is here in Zambia and are the sole distributors of Toyota brand in the country with experience.
    A lot of questions with no answers.


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