THE Malawian Government has justified the selection of Grandview International, a Zambian company, to supply ambulances to that country’s Ministry of Health because the bid met the specification of the requirements as stipulated in the expression of interest.
And a Procurement expert, and Board Chairperson of the Malawi Institute of Procurement and Supply, Amos Nyambo, has explained that it was not always that the lowest priced bidder was considered.

Ministry of Health Spokesperson, Joshua Malango said the local companies failed due to non-compliance to the “minimum specifications as indicated by the ministry in the bid documents.”

“These include the requirement that the ambulances should have a raised roof, ground clearance and payload,” he said.

He said Grandview International had also provided for free service of the ambulances through a local partner in Malawi only identified as Avis.

Meanwhile commenting on the procurement a Procurement expert and Board Chairperson of the Malawi Institute of Procurement and Supply, Amos Nyambo said it not always that the lowest priced bidder was considered to a tender.

He said people must draw a difference between the lowest bidder and the lowest evaluated bidder.

According to Nyambo, price is just one factor to qualify a bidder.
Said Nyambo, “Honestly it would help to look at the Technical report for us to make a technical report for us to make a conclusion on this matter, I know many suppliers fail on technical aspects due to gaps,” he said.

Some organisations in Malawi have questioned the award of the ambulance supply contract to a Zambian Company. – Courtesy of The NATION



  1. Malawi, you have to be careful, with the mentioned Zambian company. Grand view has issues. You dont need more problems. I am glady you rescinded your award to Zambian company.

  2. The defender of this corrupt person must be ashamed of himself, how on earth can a manufacturer fail to meet the required specifications and a vendor meets them? Toyota and Nissan cannot be compared to any of the bidders on the list. These are the manufacturers who if asked can meet even the wildest specifications as we have seen them manufacture safari rally vehicles and other special order vehicles. That thief defender must be investigated, he probably is the one who invited his fellow thief to bid.


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