The Zambian government has asked the Barotse Royal Establishment to consider holding the Mini-Kuomboka ceremony in Livingstone city for incoming Southern Province Investment and trade exposition.
The GRZ has accepted to Sponsor the event and feed and pay the Paddlers. The have also asked the BRE to state the bill so that the settle it.

The Zambian government has reminded the BRE that in 1910 King Lewanika went with the Nalikwanda to Livingstone when he was addressing the British and other functions. GRZ is more determined to persuade the BRE.

The government has reviewed to the Kuta that At least, our young people can see the boat and we will raise a lot of money through tourism as the Event will be marketed heavily.

GRZ also told the BRE that Livingstone city has always been and will remain the area part of Barotseland because it is part and parcel of it. So doing so there is no harm to the culture and custom.

According to the sources within the Kuta, they have disclosed to BBN that anything is possible with the current clique of Indunas we have at the Kuta more especially the Ngambela who seems to have Woking up from wallowing in poverty and he has now found money venture at the Kuta. But according to the senior Indunas have disclosed that it can’t happen.
These were the reasons given.
1. Our traditional system and culture doesn’t allow such.
2. The Boat itself it can’t move because of the New Mongu-Kalabo bridge it can’t pass through unless the use the difference route to enter through the Zambezi side of west side and the problem is the water is level.

But currently his majesty the Litunga is in Lusaka and he is expected to be back this Friday. However the Kuta is operating normal.

The BRE hasn’t yet responded back to GRZ.
Will keep you updated about this developing story.




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