GREGORY Chifire says Minister of Guidance and Religious Affairs Godfridah Sumaili should guide the country on eating of snakes, especially in a Christian Nation.

Chifire, the exiled human rights activists, has wondered whether the house of prayer project in Lusaka had been abandoned and replaced with another form of prayer and rituals.

He noted that now there seemed to be confusion that the same people eating snakes in public were calling for prayers.

“Zambians are anxious to know what has been happening on the progress regarding the construction of the house of prayer. Since 2015 when the foundation stone was laid by our dearest humble President [Edgar Lungu], nothing has been done. Has the project been abandoned? We expected by this time that there could have been great progress, but nothing. The latest religious ritual we witnessed pertained to public eating of snakes, few days before prayer and fasting day, what a coincidence! The same people eating snakes in public are calling us for prayers,” Chifire said. “We are confused because the same mouth that eats snakes is the same one that is talking about prayer.”

Chifire, the Southern Africa Network Against Corruption director, lamented that it was clear that the zeal and desire to construct house of prayer was no longer there.

He added that the status quo regarding the predicament of the house of prayers was worrying.

Chifire noted that in the past, the Minister Guidance and Religious Affairs had been very hard on things that seemed unChristian but wondered why she was silent on the snake eating ritual performed by the Head of State.

He further called on Reverend Sumaili to exhibit the same zeal she flaunted when she condemned the coming of South African socialite Zondwa Wabantu for her choice of not wearing under wear and Choreographer and television presenter Somizi Buyani Mhlongo on those that were seen eating snakes in public.

“Now that next week we are going for prayer and fasting, our people wish to be guided by the Minister of Guidance and Religious Affairs on a few issues such as the position on eating of snakes, especially in a Christian Nation like ours and as well as on the position of the money that was donated towards the construction of the National House of Prayer. We wish she could exhibit same amount of zeal on those that were seen eating snakes in public. I’m sure the Minister is aware that God is not a respecter of persons. He expects the Minister to discharge her religious duty without discrimination,” Chifire said.

“We also know that a lot of money was donated towards the construction of the said house of prayer. We wish the minister to bring the nation to speed on these two very important matters.”

Chifire insisted that the country can’t approach God’s presence in prayers before reconciling the aforesaid issues.

He further said eating snakes and penchant for stealing money, without regard should be addressed otherwise the prayers would be in vain.

“The Bible says that if anyone has a problem with his brother or sister, he must first reconcile with his or her brother or sister before he or she prays. We don’t want our prayers to be in vain. Zambians haven’t forgotten that this government has a penchant for stealing money without regard for where it is coming from. Has God’s money been stolen and by who?” Chifire said.

He warned that the PF government must not use the occasion of prayer to blindfold the people.

He insisted that it was wrong to use God’s name in vain, warning that He would punish all those using it in unproductive activities.

“They should not use prayer to steal or try to score politically out of organising prayers. The minister must tell us how much was raised and what happened with the money. Don’t call people for prayers if you can’t disclose who store God’s money. Don’t call people for prayers before you repent from the sin of eating serpents,” said Chifire.



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