Dr lubinda haabazoka

By  Dr. Lubinda Haabazoka

“The way ZCCM-IH has organized gold mining is contrary to government’s policy on empowering Zambians and also ensuring that mineral resources benefit locals. EAZ cannot support a ZCCM-IH’s venture to open a gold company with shares only at 51%.

We cannot also support outsourcing gold processing in a joint venture with a foreign company. We shall seek to meet ZCCM-IH to ensure that gold is purely for Zambians. We advise technocrats to advise policy makers correctly. It will be pointless to declare gold a strategic asset when it benefits foreigners!

Joint ventures with foreign firms have failed in the mining industry. We therefore advise ZCCM-IH to pause any collaboration until they listen to various stakeholders. EAZ stands ready to help out shape a citizen financed gold mining industry.”

Now, instead of sharing Facebook sex scandal posts, as a concerned and patriotic Zambian citizen, take interest in this story by leaving your views on this post and sharing the post to your wall! We need 1,000,000 likes to send a message to government that gold mining must be by and for Zambians only.




  1. Very well spoken. We can’t keep on being betrayed by people we pay to safeguard our resources in this way. Precious stones should be exclusively left for Zambians.


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