Beauty Cheelo Haantinga Kaira aka The dopest freshest wife in the game finally cleared the long standing rumours of dating Muzo aka Alphonso in an instagram question and answer session.

She blatantly refused saying she does not know Muzo aka Alphonso and has never met him.

Muzo has in the past attracted clout in songs like ”Aunty-nga shalile-Apple” (Haantinga Shalilepo) ”Ani-tea nga naumfwepepo”(Haantinga naumfwepepo) with Macky 2 addressing the disrespect in Bobby East’s ”I Forgive”.

Asked if she’s on separation with Macky 2, being the reason he stopped mentioning her name in songs. She responded that the rumours are force.

Asked about her relationship with Slapdee‘s wife,she confirmed that they are in good terms.



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