Hakainde Hichilema became a millionaire at the age of 25. His collegue Charles Milupi became a millionaire at the age of 32. Lawrence Sikutwa— the man behind Madison became a millionaire somewhere around the age 31. David Nama— the humble man behind Dana Holdings was a millionaire by the time he was clocking 33.

Maria Zaloumis— the Chisamba zed farmer became a millionaire by the time she was 32 years old. Her age mate in Lusaka—Dumisani Ncube— the radical entrepreneur behind DLN Technologies also became a millionaire around the age of 25.
Why are we telling all this?

We are preaching this to you because we are aware that you are just about the right age to became the new millionaire in town. At your age as a youth, you have just about the right energy one requires to work out their way into financial prosperity. Your zeal is great. Your ambition is way above the sky. Your creativity is also at excellent levels.
And yes, you may not have the money. But you must have what they call a business idea. And if you have it, you are already on your way to success. Ideas rule the world. Once you have ideas, you are already on top of the game.

What you need now is to know how you will get to the top using that great idea of yours. What you need now is to learn from those who at one time were at that same stage you are today. What did they do to get to where they are today?

What you need now is to read as much as you can. Challenge yourself to read one small book every week. The books will open up your horizons.
There are just 21 strategies which you need to apply in your life to become a financially successful person. These 21 strategies are what nearly all the successful people you know applied to become rich.

We have a small book we want to share with you so that you become a great man or woman.
In this book published by Zambia’s largest e-book store ‘Mirror Publishers’, you will be introduced to 21 self-made Zambian millionaires like those mentioned above and the strategies they applied to become the rich men/ women you have come to know them as. It’s a small book that will instantly change your life!

To get yourself a copy of this ebook which is being sold at K15.00 (Fifteen Kwacha only), please WhatsApp your full names to 0975 386 482.
Happy youth week!


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