By Zambian Watch

Hantinga’s Family have requested their daughter Hantinga to immedietely Divorce a recording artist Macky 2 following social Media Allegations that the artist is involved in ritual and Satanic cults.

According to sources in Hantinga’s family,her family doesn’t want to continue being with Macky 2 for denting their image in ritual allegations sorrounding the artist.

Some sections of Social Media has been reporting that the Alpha Entertainment Chief Excutive Officer populary known as Macky 2 made a blood sacrifice of Zambia’s top Master of Ceremony and Trade Kings Brand Ambassador man popo before releasing his song “Bombafye” song which featured 42 artists.

But close friends and Family to man popo have disclosed that their relative man popo died due to heart attack he has been struggling with for years.

While others claim man popo was HIV/AIDS positive and could be the reason why he died at a young age.

Artist Marcky 2 is rummored to have glinged a deal with a Tanzanian Cult master who is giving Marcky 2 power, Influence, fame and money.

And a music Promoter who talked to Zambian Watch on condition of annonymity says alot of Zambian Artist are getting powers, fame, money and Influence from diffrent ritualists around the world.

He has disclosed that Zambian artist have been fighting each other through ritualism which has forced others to turn to God like mannase Zulu, Pompi and Exile.

“It has become so common, fame,Power, Influence and money has come like a burning fire in Zambian Music industry this time. I can disclose that many artists are into cults but not everyone. My appeal to the people of Zambia is they must be observing on their fingers and neck. They wear dark big rings on their fingers and dark neckchains. Supportters are blindly fooled that it is fashion but in the normal sense, those are cult rings to protect them” he said.

Macky 2 is believed to have been given specific instructions to initiate atleast 10 personalities be it TV presenters, Music Promoters, Artists or commedians failure to do so, he might die in a car crash this year.



  1. Juses was criticized who is macky2 Not to be criticized. No matter how hard you can work people will still have negative intention over. So please stop painting Mackay 2. Only God knows si leave it to him


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