There is a showdown between PF thugs and police in Lusaka’s Kamwala trading area.

Earlier Police moved in to destroy makeshift shops being used by PF thugs for trading but the PF thugs begun burning properties in protest.

As can be seen Grandview International Fire Tender is on standby.


  1. The PF govt and their thuggish cadres know only about lawlessness. Don’t you wonder why Lungu has ever failed to uphold the constitution through and through? PF is just a hazard to the governance and democracy of our beautiful republic. The earlier these pertenders are removed from the governance system the better. Zambians rid yourselves of these hoodrums and prosper!

  2. It is the fault of the police. They should have started using force on PF thugs professionally a long time ago. Now PF thugs have become too big headed and they think that they are the law. So it will be difficult to control them.


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