I have seen all maneuvers against HH being foiled by who I believe is God. Bill 10 needed just two members of parliament from upnd side and it was going to pass. Can you imagine those two MPs who have just defected to PF what they could have done had it not been for God all mighty to delay them.

The gassing that was meant to implicate HH, seer 1 came and exposed the real blood suckers. That can only be God. God protected HH not once but, several times from live ammunitions. First at force headquarters on 23rd December, 2020 because of it, two young men lost lives and secondly last week in Chingola also not forgetting the one they had to rescue him through the roof of a radio station on the copperbelt. Oh God, you’re really showing us something. Continue to protect your servant, you people are yearning for a leader free of corruption and one who will uphold the rule of law and protect the treasury for the survival of your children in Zambia.

Looking at this year’s elections from the African political perspective, we can comfortably say HH has matured and completely understands what our politics is and he has offered himself for this country. HH Hhas said yes to a better Zambia, what about we the citizens?

Without favoritism, we wish to congratulate him for standing his ground and making key political statements.HH is the most abused, humiliated and fought by the current regime. But in all battles he has come out clean and emerged victorious that even his oppressors are now left galavanting all over .

Why have we written this article? We want to remind Zambians that from our assessment the man is ready for the job and he needs our support as long as you are a Zambian who hate injustice and criminality you will agree that he needs your support. First and foremost, we would like to acknowledge that his move and that of the alliance partners to disobey Lungu’s order of canceling rallies is outstanding. It was a brilliant idea. A player in a football game can’t be a referee at the same time unless, you’re playing ichimpombwa.

Secondly we would like to say UPND youths have resolved to die with their leader this can be seen how they have protected him the last few days. They feel inspired by their master who has stepped out and face his competitors head on. And it is our prayer that many more youths will get motivated to stand strong with their leader.

To the police, this election is there to liberate you from PF cadres slavery where they can walk into a police station and beat you up and your commander in chief is quiet. My advise is that use this very last opportunity to redeem yourselves.

To the Zambia army Please, do your trainings of military day in your camp and desist displaying those military grade hardware in public because you will be just misunderstood for nothing. I know someone instructed you to go round to try to scare people. But sorry this time around we are not scared of a gun but God the giver of life. So please, keep those military weapons in barracks and allow Zambians to choose their destiny peacefully.



    1 SAMUEL 2:1-11
    “The LORD killeth, and maketh alive: he bringeth down to the grave, and bringeth up” (1 SAMUEL 2:6).
    To set one’s hope on a source that turns out to be false is a most harrowing experience in life. No doubt, disappointment, failure, depression, frustration and even death result from trusting a source that is not the Ultimate Power. Challenges of life have driven many to rely on man, money, powers of darkness, self and other forces.
    That passage today centres on the eye-opening prayer of praise by Hannah declaring the eternal truth about God. She started by extolling God’s holiness virtue and confirming that He is the only confirmed Rock. Hannah had been a beneficiary of God’s omnipotent power as she received a male child, Samuel, at an old age after praying to the Lord. By experience therefore, she declared the Lord God as the Source of genuine joy, the Giver of victory over the enemies, the Owner of salvation, the incomparable Rock, the ultimate Source of life and living, the Determiner of richness over austerity, the triumphant Lord over all adversaries and Lifter-up of all that trust in Him.
    How then does one tap into God’s omnipotent power? How does one benefit from this ultimate Source of power? Hannah knew God as the only solution to all of life’s problems. She had strong faith in the ability and willingness of God to hear and answer His children. She therefore prayed earnestly and fervently to Him, without wavering or doubting. She made a pledge to give the product of her prayer back to God, to serve Him.

    The lessons here are invaluable. God only is the Source of the ultimate and unlimited power. Trusting in Him only is the duty of all believers. He is the only one that gives freely.
    THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: Trust God to do the impossible.

  2. Could the military be preparing to respond to the Constitutional Court judgement by pretending to be rehearsing? I have lived in Zambia for more than 50 years, I have never heard of a Military day. The last time the military displayed their hardware on Independence Avenue was in 1984 when KK was at the helm and we were celebrating 20 years of independence.

  3. The military is part of the establishment. Yours as upnd is seer 1. Just seek his advice. The military is warning upnd that if they lose and want to misbehave the meet the force. Just wait and see

  4. Military Day @ The Saint is more credible interpretation of the exercise, it all has to do on the possible trashing of the Constitution and suppressing public reaction to whatever the outcome with intimidation! The heavy military hardware is a cost the taxpayer will have to bear for the eventual repairs of the roads that these good for the bush “animals” will have caused damage! Developing a country requires infusion of new ideas and sieving out the failures while giving continuation to the best performing programs! Yes, HH has shown some resilience to the vitriolic attacks meant to deter and keep him out of the participation in governance that would allow him to share and apply his vision for making a positive contribution to Zambia! Even his time would at one point expire and another person would come forth with their own dreams of betterment of Zambia! What is wrong is the machinations being employed by Lungu and his team to perpetuate their hold to power with impunity behavior and disregard to the Zambian Constitution!


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