Mwinilunga. Sun. Oct 21. 2018

“My first Impression is that the Hospital is being kept clean and the services are being provided by a very dedicated team of Staff .” Health Minister.

Smart Eagles Reporter

In the early hours of Sunday, the 21st of October 2018, the Minister of Health, Hon. Dr. Chitalu Chilufya arrived at Mwinilunga District Hospital to see first hand how Health services are being provided at the facility.

He was accompanied by the Mwinilunga District Commissioner Mr Daniel Bukali, the PF Provincial Chairman Mr Jackson Kungo and Directors from the Ministry of Health.

After touring the Childrens ward, the Maternity ward and the Pharmacy, Dr. Chilufya said that he was impressed with the quality of Health care that was being provided by the Members of Staff at the Hospital.

He observed however that there was need to beef up the Human Resource as the District Hospital had proved to be under staffed.

“The first impressions I get is that first of all the Hospital is being kept very clean and the services are being provided by a very dedicated team of staff. The Childrens ward is understaffed. However, the two staff on duty are doing a great job,” he said.

Dr Chilufya stated to this effect that he would be deploying more nurses to the facility to reduce the nurse patient ratio. He announced that within two weeks, four new doctors would be sent to Mwinilunga District Hospital to beef up the staff so that there would be a Doctor for each ward.

The Minister stated that to cater to the growing population of Mwinilunga, more Hospitals were being built and that to complement the first level facilities that where dotted around the area, one of the Hospitals would be turned into a second level facility.

“We need to ensure that with the Ikelenge and the Mwinilunga Hospitals that are coming up, we structure one of them to be a second level facility with a number of specialists around. We are working towards that and by next year, we will have a second level facility in the district. Second level both by accreditation as well as human competencies, “he said.

And Dr Chilufya said that he was pleased with the Pharmacy at Mwinilunga District Hospital, stating that it was impressive that the Pharmacy was operating 24/7 and fully stocked with essential medicines, ARVs, Anti Malaria drugs, Anti TB drugs as well as drugs for treatment of common ailments.

At 03 o’clock, as the Minister and his entourage were leaving the Hospital, the brand new Ambulance that had been allocated to the facility was delivered to the delight of the patients who broke into song and dance thanking the Government of His Excellency President Edgar Chagwa Lungu for being a caring and performing Government.


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