Museveni, Bobi Wine

JHC 17.01.2021
By James Chona
Accept one another, then, just as Christ accepted you, in order to bring praise to God.- Romans 15:7
Yoweri Tibuhaburwa Kaguta Museveni has ruled Uganda since 1986. He is 76 years old. He was only a 41 year old military rebel when he took over a war ravaged country and has transformed it a relatively growing economy. Yesterday I highlighted the fact that Bobi Wine is a true inspiration to many. And here a reasons why I feel both Museveni and Wine are relevant to the future of Uganda.

Bobi Wine is 38 years old and growing in stature politically. Here are lessons that Wine should learn from Museveni that draw similarities to the two “belligerents”

1. Museveni formed the Front for National Salvation in 1973 after a failed attempt to overthrow Idi Amin. He was 29 years old.

2. Having been actively involved in a rebel activities to oust Amin, Museveni saw his agenda hijacked when Milton Obote assumed office in 1980. He was 36 years old.
3. He went back “into the Bush” as a rebel fighting to topple the Obote regime.
4. Then again, his mission was “hijacked” when the Tito Okello led Uganda Army overthrew Obote in 1985. He was 41 years old.

5. Museveni then with support from Zairean President launched the battle for Kampala which led to a relatively peaceful surrender by Okellos Army and on 29th January 1986, Museveni took office. He was still 41 years and turned 42 in September 1986.

How many times did Museveni fail and how many times were his plans hijacked. He nonetheless remained resolute. Museveni will never lose an election in Uganda because the majority still see in him a true liberator and is largely still a huge unifying factor in Uganda. Lessons from the ousting of Mugabe in Zimbabwe have shown that sometimes a “perceived” dictator is actually a better leader.

However, Museveni with advanced age must begin to show more tolerance for democracy and begin a succession which as Africans we have failed to do. With exception of Nyerere and Moi (Dos Santos did but aftermath is ugly), no other African leader has transitioned leadership through a peaceful democratic process leaving behind a legacy of good governance.

In Congratulating President Museveni I pray that he uses this term to bring a spirit of coexistence in Ugandan politics. To Mr Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu aka Bobi Wine I salute you for your bravery and courage. As an epitome of a resilient Ugandan youth, learn from Museveni. However, note that while Museveni retreated to fight from the Bush after every disappointment, we live in a different era where you have to retreat to the grassroots and sell yourself.
God Bless Uganda
God Bless Africa



  1. Please, don’t use our Chona name to be writing such rubbish in socialmedia. You are not one of us, Chonas are much more sensible with a higher IQ than one you have just exhibited.
    Are you not just endorsing Museveni’s stolen victory after he brutalised his own people leaving many dead? Why are you telling Robert, Boby Wine, to stuff it and try next time when any sensible person can see that his victory was stolen?
    Unfortunately, it’s people like you that are cowards and scared of the Dictators that have condemned Zambia to the sorry state and misery it is in right now.
    The real Chonas are liberators not appeasors to Dictators like you the imposter!

  2. Museveni has never fought for a cause greater than himself. As for the Ugandan opposition, they should realise that the situation in their country does not conduce to normal political competition. They should unite to rid the country of Museveni because he’s a problem. Only then will the country return to normal politics.

  3. @ Chilyata , leave Chona alone as he is more intelligent than you and is not a tribalist like yourself. How did you expect Bobi Wine to win when his base is only around Urban areas?Don’t you know that the demographics of Uganda are such that 75%of the population reside in Rural areas and only 25% are in Urban?.You should begin to think and analyse issues intelligently like the way Chona has done.You are the same people who mislead HH by telling him he can win the August elections when out of the 3 Urban provinces(Lusaka, Copperbelt &Central) he is only popular in half a province(Central) while out of the remaining 7 Rural provinces, he is only popular in 3 (Southern,N/Western &Western).For HH to have a chance of winning the 2026 elections, he needs to penetrate these provinces in which he is not popular by creating enough and effective party structures as advised by Ms.Nalumango.

  4. Who are these idiot opinion writes Zambianobserver is finding lately to give the alternative opinion? Jeez, they are not even worth reading, devoid of objectivity and logical conclusions.

  5. There is nothing to learn from an idiot and blood thirst dictator napamenso kwati ni kakonkote. Why do certain idiots think that they are the only ones who can rule as if they have the monopoly of wisdom? How do you even pretend when you know that people have not voted for you? You steal the votes and you are comfortable. Ubupuba fye bweka bweka.

  6. Who drunk Bobi’s Wine AGAIN?
    It’s M7 … Kikikiki
    African elections are not things. They are glorified Constitutional Coupes!
    Just as it was in Uganda, so Shall it be in Chambia!


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