Tell us which one are you..?


01. Ambo
02. Aushi
03. Bemba
04. Bisa
05. Chewa
06. Chikunda
07. Cishinga
08. Chokwe
09. Gova
10. Ila


11. Namwanga
12. Iwa
13. Kabende
14. Kaonde
15. Kosa
16. Kundai
17. Kwandi
18. Kwandu
19. Kwangwa
20. Lala
21. Lamba
22. Lenje


23. Leya
24. Lima
25. Liyuwa
26. Lozi
27. Luano
28. Luchazi
29. Lumbu
30. Lunda
31. Lundwe
32. Lungu
33. Luunda
34. Luvale
35. Makoma
36. Mambwe
37. Mashasha
38. Mashi
39. Mbowe


40. Mbukushu
41. Mbumi
42. Mbunda
43. Mbwela
44. Mukulu
45. Mulonga
46. Namwanga
47. Ndembu
48. Ng’umbo


49. Nkoya
50. Nsenga
51. Nyengo
52. Nyiha
53. Sala
54. Seba
55. Senga
56. Shanjo
57. Shila
58. Simaa


59. Soli
60. Subiya
61. Swaka
62. Swahili
63. Tabwa
64. Tambo
65. Toka
66. Tonga


67. Totela
68. Tumbuka
69. Twa
70. Unga
71. Wandya
72. Yombe


  1. From the list above it is clear that Bemba is a tribe on it’s own but the other tribesmen from muchinga , luapula and northern province call themselves Bemba when they are not. Is it an infiriority complex ?

  2. Correct they are not bemba but prefer to be retarder as Bemba’s .The reason is simple, during colonial days communication among communities was done by messengers who came from the Paramount Chief Chitimukulu and spoke bemba. Ideally senior chief Kazembe was supposed to be a Paramount chief but succumbed to the status corp because he didn’t have enough influence of people under him and to make matters worse he made his tribe become instinct.The worst case scenario also exists between Paramount chief Mpezeni and senior chief Gawa Undi.. Undo of the chewa was supposed to be a Paramount chief because he commands a large territory even beyond borders but the colonial masters denied him for fear of loss of territory, instead Mpezeni who speaks Nsenga and not his Ngoni tribe was preferred. The engagement into battle between Bemba’s and Ngonis immensely promoted the Paramountcy.I stand to be corrected but traditional battles dictated the current scenario. In conclusion the tribes which never fought battle to conquer territories were sidelined.

  3. Most of them do not qualify to be called tribes but rather dialects. 72 tribes is Kaunda propaganda which successive generations have not questioned.


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