Lately, Zambian Watch reported on the sale of the country’s largest power generating company, ZESCO, which government has with anger refuted.

But Zambian Watch early this morning visited ZESCO head office, where several Chinese nationals were seen reporting for work, while others were driving company vehicles.

The Chinese have occupied some of ZESCO’s important offices and have been issued with access cards to some of the vital offices within the premises.

The Chinese will soon takeover operations of the Kenneth Kaunda International Airport, as they believe Zambia will fail to repay China loans.


  1. These loans were mostly for PF activities. Most of you saw those truck loads of PF chitenge and other campaign materials. Well, those are what are now being labelled as Zambian loans. We are being forced to bear the PF burdens of corruption. PF are not yet done with this kind of behavior and people will see more of it as we approach 20121. Zambia will pay dearly for mistakes of voting for wrong people. Ok, we understand they rigged but sections of society helped them and are still helping them even with all what they seen of PF. What a shame.


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