Prophet TB Joshua
Prophet TB Joshua

There was shock recently outside the gates of T.B. Joshua’s Lagos-based Synagogue Church of All Nation after an image said to be an angel was sighted around the church.

A video uploaded to Emmanuel TV’s YouTube Channel, which has subsequently gone viral, shows an onlooker outside The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (SCOAN) recording the entrance of the church whilst inside a stationary vehicle.

Suddenly, a flashy figure in white is seen mysteriously crossing the road and entering inside the Church premises.

Joshua’s social media channels requested reactions from viewers, the overwhelming majority asserting that the figure was an ‘angel’ caught on camera.

“I have watched the video 20 times,” wrote a commenter known as ‘Baty’ on YouTube who described himself as a professional graphics editor.

“This is not a reflection of any sought, neither is it editing; it’s a pure angel,” he concluded, citing the height of the ‘being’ and the speed of its movement.

Nnadi Uchenna contributed: “What I saw was not a reflection of any glass or shadow. It was actually a moving transparent object in human shape… For me, it is an angel of God.”

However, not all were in agreement. “Not all ghost-like creatures are angels; that doesn’t look angelic to me,” opined another person called Lugano.



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  2. Only a fool can believe that an angel can be seen by human eyes, even when angels used to appear to humans, they did that after materializing into human form never as spirits with wings fyabupuba fye ifi.


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