Former Zambia National Football Team coach Hervé Renard’s daughter, Candide Renard, is the alleged victim of a sexual assault during the filming of the next season of the French reality TV show “Koh Lanta”.

Hervé Renard who is now Morocco’s national football coach has stood by his daughter’s claim.

The alleged sexual assault in the South Pacific island nation of Fiji has prompted Television France to cancel this year’s screening of a popular programme modelled on the US reality show ‘Survivor’.

The claim by the 21-year-old Candide is that she had been sexually assaulted by a fellow competitor on 8th May, 2018 in the night at the end of the fourth day of filming of the latest series.

The production company Adventure Line says the alleged assailant has rejected the accusation.

The head of the company Alexia Laroche Joubert said given that Koh Lanta is a family show, it had been decided to abandon the shoot of the programme which was to have been aired later this year.

The show, which is in its 19th season, is usually the most watched programme in its time slot.

The alleged assailant, whose name was revealed as Eddy Guyot, flew back to France on Monday, May 14. When he got off the plane at Roissy-Charles de Gaulle airport, he was greeted by the police and transferred to SDPJ Seine-Saint-Denis, to deliver his version of events.

The 34-year-old contestant was placed in police custody and released less than twelve hours later, according to French magazine Closer, as new evidence emerged.

Other contestants said that Candide Renard and Eddy Guyot were not isolated, but were with two other candidates at the time.

Also, a witness contradicted Candide Renard’s version, claiming he did not witness Guyot touching or attempting to touch her.

Candide Renard first appeared on French television last November in the sport show “Telefoot” to the surprise of her father who was invited.

She first made the headlines when several media outlets reported that she was physically assaulted at the end of a Morocco-Cote d’Ivoire match last November, following a video posted online that portrayed a young woman being placed on a stretcher.

Following that story, Hervé Renard told Jeune Afrique that his daughter had not been targeted personally.



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