Sunday Chanda

By Sunday Chilufya Chanda

It has come to our attention that the UPND nominee for the Kasenengwa Parliamentary by election, Dr. Faustin Banda has disappeared and the cat has been set among the pigeons in the UPND.

Out of our concern for the vitality of Democracy in Zambia we sympathise with the leadership of the UPND and we offer our sincere commiserations.

As has been highlighted by the leadership of the UPND, it is true that the vanishing act of the UPND candidate is definitely the work of the enemies of democracy. The said enemy needs to be dealt with severely and decisively.

However, sometimes when people are faced with trying situations caused by a person they have become intimate with or accustomed to, they try to find an easy escape route by ignoring the problem and blaming it on other people. The longer they delay it, the more they believe their own lies and the more they ignore the facts, the deeper they get stuck in the rut of denial. Theirs becomes a lifestyle of distorted reasoning that also develops into a victim mentality. Their self-inflicted woes are always everybody else’s fault and they blame everyone else except the enemy in the mirror.

Ironically, the enemy of democracy has been hiding in plain sight for over a decade within the UPND. The enemy has increasingly become something of a sacred cow nestled comfortably within their party .The same “enemy” is not only flesh and blood, but also takes the form of deadly denial.

The reality is that things are not well. The foundation of the late Anderson Kambela Mazoka’s legacy has been desecrated. Walls have collapsed and their is gaping open air where the roof once existed.

Sadly, shivering and shuddering occupants are huddled together taking turns in groups to provide some body heat to the sacred cow, in an attempt to protect it from the elements while it fattens itself on expensive hay.

These events speaks to a party whose centre cannot hold because things are falling apart…it’s an indictment on Hakainde Hichilema and his failure to inspire those he leads.
Just a few hours ago, they were extolling the virtues of their candidate; and now they portray him as a villain who has allegedly skipped town with their money? Come on!

Hichilema should not blame anyone but himself for country wide defections and Houdini acts. The buck stops squarely on him!

Disappearing acts should be happening to the oldest political party post 1991. Such disorganisation and departures from reality could perhaps only be expected of toothless political formations such as the NDC.

The UPND need to put their house in order, and deal with the elephant in the room. Democracy’s public enemy number one has been their guest and he has repaid them by triggering defections and disappearing acts .

Can you imagine if the UPND was a corporate organisation and the CEO was bleeding the organisation of both human and financial capital? What would the shareholders do?


The author is the PF Media Director At the Patriotic Front Secretariat In Lusaka


  1. followThis certified imbalance, shouldn’t even open his mouth. Whatever, you have done it is going to haunt dr Banda, even the university of Zambia you teach, you will not command any respect. And for you Sunday Chanda, impela yobe ili mupepi.ninshitafye. Don’t think Zambians are idiots. You will suffer alone, chagwa will have immunity

  2. I can not waste my time to read amafi yakwa Chanda.
    Nimbwafye . Upnd, mwinenuka niforwardfye. It’s a phase it will pass. More bright future ahead of the party

  3. I can not waste my time to read amafi yakwa Chanda.
    Nimbwafye . Upnd, mwinenuka niforwardfye. It’s a phase it will pass. More bright future ahead of the party

  4. Wasting our tax payers money on trash people in Zambia are really suffering PF has time and space to buy people like this ??????If you go to hospital there is no medicine !!!!! Children are not going to school????Markets they are burning?????How are the poor Zambians going to live surely!!!!CRY MYBELOVED COUNTRY..UPND YOU SHOULDNT HAVE ALLOWED PF TO STEAL YOUR VOTES LOOK AT WHAST IS HAPPENING TO OUR BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY????Zambians wake up and reclaim your mother Zambia

  5. Sunday Chanda is too dim to write like this. Pf a Party of scared vultures. Your words will be fed to you one day. There comes a time when enough is indeed enough. Keep up what you are doing until the time hell will be brought to you.

  6. Sunday, who doesn’t know what pf is doing, even at school the dull person for her or him to make it to another level there use money to buy rickages, this is how this Government is you know that without using tax payer,s money in buying off opposition you can’t manage. Shame on you.

  7. All these comments do not hold any water. UPND put your house in order. You are finishing foolishly. Leadership is poor. Something has gone wrong in your upnd. Are there are no intellectual to correct the situation in upnd. Come on wake up you caged characters


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