UPND President, Hakainde Hichilema, has, once again, been blocked by the Police in Chipata from leaving the Airport where he just landed.

Hichilema has told the police to either allow him to proceed or kill him right there at the Airport.

He writes;
“Just arrived at Chipata Airport here in Eastern Province but the Police under instructions don’t want us to pass through the city for whatever reasons.

We are sleeping right in the plane and we go nowhere until we are allowed entry into Chipata.
This is our Country and our people have suffered enough at the hands of the few corrupt in the outgoing PF regime.

It’s either we are allowed to proceed or they kill us just at the airport here.”
All roads leading to the airport were also sealed off to prevent his security team and supporters from receiving him when he landed.
The Police are under stern instructions to block all manner of mingling that Hichilema may want to embark on.


  1. Lungu is under serious pressure from the people who bought Zambia from him. Every thinking Zambian must be outraged by the clown’s behavior and be willing to tell him off on August 12. Otherwise, don’t blame Lungu for your suffering going forward.

    If you observe carefully, Lungu’s local handlers have taken a step back, because they smell danger this fellow has brought to Zambia. On the other hand, his external handlers are increasing pressure, because the loss will involve thousands packing their bags, back to their home country where they are nobodies.

    It’s a shame that millions of citizens can accept to easily loose their country, identity and freedom for a dununa reverse song and tribal myopia. If Zambia let’s this despot have his way, even by using useless corny-court, your suffering will reach a point of no return. If fools like kambwili can pivot, know that your ending as ordinary citizens will be lamentable. You easterners have the opportunity to lead the way by saying “no” to this despot.

  2. This dictatorial madness should not be tolerated in Zambia. This PF regime is trying to force Zambians to seek freedom through violence. This is recipe for civil disorder all in the name of selfish interests of one ECL. This is nonsense !!

  3. They say they have delivered and changed zambia, then why block hh from moving?. Ba humble one treats his opponents worse than foreigners and this is so sad. The people who want to continue looting and getting free money from markets and bus stations are the ones who want this regime to continue. Ba humble one is panicking big time but soon bally is taking over .


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