HH Donates in Southern is called TRIBAL, HH Donates in PF stronghold it becomes POLITICAL, if HH doesn’t Donate anything at all is called GREEDY. Ba PF what do you want?

Allow the people of Chawama to receive the gift of the generator from HH, this Generator Wil save lives of poor people. Just because you don’t experience loadsheding in your offices & homes does not mean every Zambian is enjoying life & living comfortable like you. people are suffering more than you would imagine.

Please stop politicizing anything for the sake of the people who voted for you. Put the interest of a poor voter first before politics . why are you behaving like you are in opposition?

You are already in power No one will take that away from you, all you have to do is to accept anything that will improve the livelihood of your people.

By Mr Mindset
Malama Stanley EEP SG



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