Patriotic Front party vice president Hon. Given Lubinda has said that Republican President Hakainde Hichilema has failed to fix things in the country and has resorted to fixing people.

Speaking in the Zimba district, when he drummed up support for Mulafu ward PF candidate Xray Siaswika, Hon. Lubinda said when in opposition, President Hichilema thought running a country was an easy task.

Hon. Lubinda said President Hichilema has proved that he is blank about running the affairs of the country.

He said the Head of State despite firing some permanent secretaries he has failed to replace them, a sign that he doesn’t know what he is doing.

Hon. Lubinda has since called on the people of Mulafu ward to shame the UPND by not voting for their councilor in the by-election slated for October 21.

And Hon. Lubinda disclosed that some members of the Patriotic Front are still in hiding for fear of being attacked by the UPND cadres.

He said that it is unfortunate that despite a peaceful transition of power, the UPND has continued attacking PF members in most parts of the country.


  1. We are not dull Mr Lubinda, how can one fix in 8 weeks what you destroyed in 10 years?
    Besides, he has not made a budget of his own. The budget at play right now is still the one you left behind. You failed to plan ahead in a number of things in this budget and now you want to blame HH.
    This is a country not that bar Namakau you used to run. We want organized administration of our resources going forward.

  2. Mr Lubinda if Bally had resorted to fixing people
    Most of the former leaders would have been
    Arrested by now.So enjoy the freedom of speech brought in by Bally.For those PF members hiding know what they were doing.
    Lastly give Bally time just the way Zambians
    Gave PF ten years.

  3. You are coward. Why did’nt you Call him and tell him to his face. Live on radio so to say.

    See you are a weak, pathetic, arrogant and pathological liar. Let’s be honest, you sitting in the sit of Justice Minister took over seven years and you never delivered what we asked for, and then this good administration which is on barely two months in power but has managed by word of mouth to bring sanity in areas you guys lamentably failed.

    Bwana, the slug is on you dude. You lose on any given day.

  4. People, some people particularly those in PF were and are still the problem. So why should Lubinda complain when they are fixed. He needs to be fixed too when the time comes to talk about the Forest he allocated himself.

  5. It’s like Given Lubinda doesn’t have any message to tell the people. Let him just wait for 21st October and lose Kaumbwe and all the wards. HH is now the President, your time Bwana is long gone, you can start writing memoirs if you can, otherwise you’ll never come back to power again.

  6. PF didn’t wreck the good economic fundamentals in one and half months but over 10 yrs. Stabilizing things is always more challenging than wrecking them. But Given Lubinda is too dumb to get that.

  7. You dug a big hole in 10 years period and you want that which you messed to be cleaared in one day? That is a joke.
    Leave HH alone imwe bakabolala. Soon time will catch you up. Smart people do smart work.

  8. That’s why you resorted to stealing because its difficult to run a country.You are cheap man tell people your policies.

    You demonised HH but you lost.Change your strategy man are you so thick.Your strategy didn’t work how do you think it will this time.

  9. It is sad that Givenm given the fact that he was in the MMD and the PF is complaining about HH who has only been in office for two months, oh how short your memory is. Having been part of a party that virtually destroyed the country, bitterness is not a solution. Start working on pulling your party together and become an opposition party with checks and balances.

  10. Ati fomer minister, Very useless chap. No wonder zambia almost became a banana republic. 65million kwacha in a house. We want prober explaintion from you guys

  11. You were very intelligent but the moment you joined PF you really became dull
    Nothing will change in you as long as you remain with those forsaken tribalists like Kambwili.

  12. Just read the comments above and got satisfied. I agree with all commenters above, they spoke my mind. This is new Zambia. Call a spade a spade.


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