Our country needs a President who carry’s both the management, leadership and political qualities to get back on its track, and it is beyond any reasonable doubt that Mr Hakahinde Hichilema, is the right person. He is determined to set sail our country on a right path to economic growth and meaningful development.

Having carefully taken into account the economic crisis and other challenges we are encountering as a nation under the outgoing PF of Mr Edgar Chagwa Lungu, for them to be solved, it will take Mr Hakahinde Hichilema (HH) a Leader with practical thinking, a prudent, wise and thoughtful decision maker, a Leader with excellent and careful judgement on how national issues can be properly handled, as for the outgoing president Lungu is too lazy to practically think the way President HH does. Not only that, president Lungu is totally blank with no mental content of how to run this our country, he has completely no capability of the mind to come to correct conclusions about how to solve the economic predicaments the country and its people are facing.

The two terms he has been in office is a proof text enough that the man has no capability whatsoever to craft a vision that would see the problems we are facing is solved. Our dearest outgoing president Lungu is mentally infertile to conceive and give birth to an economic representation of what the future of this country can hold, and what should be done for that future to be attained, hence my fellow citizens come 2021 general elections our decisive vote should help our president Lungu to pack and go somewhere he will be useful.

Fellow citizens there will be no right time than the present for us as citizens who care so much about our country’s present and future to make up our minds and VOTE for Mr Hakahinde Hichilema (HH) a leader who via his well thought-out vision will inspire hope and the power to understand what should be done as a country and at all cost get it done for the betterment of us as citizens of the republic of Zambia.

HH – Hope & Help!
Together We Can!
Cde Emmanuel Mwansa



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